Shelf life and freshness period of whole fish

The flesh of newly caught fish is free of bacteria.  However, considerable amounts of bacteria are found in the viscera, the gills and on the skin.  When the fish is stored whole in ice, the deterioration caused by bacteria is minimal for the first days of storage.   The shelf life of whole, gutted cod stored in plate ice has been estimated up to 15 days.
estimates of shelf life of various fish species can be found.

Whole fish such as cod is usually not stored longer than 10 days in ice before processing depending on choice of processing method, transport and market.

The freshness period of whole, gutted cod stored in ice (c.a. 0 °C) has been found to last for about 8-9 days while at higher ambient temperature (3 °C) a shorter period has been observed (7 days), for further information see here.  



 Photo: Ragnar Th. Sigurðsson


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