Shelf life and freshness period of fillets/loins


life of air-stored cod products processed from fresh raw material     (< 4 days post catch) usually ranges between 10 and 13 days at 0-1 °C, for further information see here. Influencing factors include raw material quality and age, seasonal variations, in process treatments and bacterial contamination.

Generally, the fresher the raw material, the longer will the freshness period last. However, deviations have been observed, most likely due to raw material history and storage conditions.  Temperature increase readily reduces the freshness period and shelf life of fillets. Superchilled fillets processed few day from catch, with a temperature of -1°C attained in process before packaging and maintained during storage, may reach a freshness period of 9-10 days and a shelf life of about 14 days post processing. Fillets also processed early post catch but stored at 0-1°C, may reach a freshness period of 8 days and a shelf life of 12-13 days post processing.


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