Cooling on board

The treatment of the raw material right after catch is a key factor regarding quality, such as proper cooling, bleeding and gutting, as the viscera contain enzymes and microorganisms that spoil the flesh very fast. It is important that the fish is cooled fast and stored at low temperature
(0°C) to slow down deterioration. More information can be seen on cooling here, as well as on fish handling on board here and regulations that apply here

  • The fish should be bled in regular running seawater/water
  • During washing it is important to ensure frequent exchange of water
  • It is recommended that the catch is cooled as soon as it is received. Initial cooling should be performed with liquid/slurry ice, since it provides a much faster cooling rate than crushed plate ice
  • The raw material should be pre-cooled to a temperature as close to the optimal storage temperature as possible before storage in the hold 
  • If the raw material is to be stored in the hold for a prolonged time period, it should be iced with sufficient ice after pre-cooling, to secure proper cooling until landing
  • The temperature in the hold should be close to or just below  0°C



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