The effect of fishing gear on quality


The fishing gear used can influence the quality of the fish. Defects that can be caused by fishing gear include blood spots, poorer colour and texture. Fish caught on a line is usually the best handled raw material but the body mass index is however generally higher for fish caught in trawl, Danish seine or net.

It is of importance to use the fishing gear in a proper way in order to maximise the quality of the raw material. Captain and crew of trawlers need for example to check closely not to pull the fishing gear too long and to limit the catch in each haul. The catch should be bled and gutted as soon as possible, preferably while the fish is still alive. Dead fish cannot be bled properly which will have a negative impact on quality. Too large hauls can result in increased gaping due to considerable pressure on the fish in the trawl bag when drawn up the stern-runway.

It is not possible to universalise the most favourable tow time or when the catch is getting too large. Factors like weather, facilities on board and sea temperature also play a role here. It is however often recommended not to tow for more than three hours and not exceed more than five tonnes in each haul.


Photo: Magnús Óskarsson



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