Hygiene when handling fish



Proper hygiene is important in preventing fish contamination by pathogenic bacteria.

Hand washing: The most important factor is proper hand washing, especially after going to the toilet. Many bacteria are present on the skin and hair of humans but most numbers are present in the faeces. Some of these bacteria can cause food infections or poisoning if they   get in connection with food and manage to grow there. For that reason, it is important that hands are clean when handling food.  

Separate raw food like meat and fish from other food types: Raw meat and fish can contain large numbers of bacteria which are killed during cooking. It is therefore important that liquid from raw meat and fish does not get into contact with cooked food or uncooked like some vegetables.

Cleaning of utensils and chopping boards. It is of importance that all utensils and chopping boards are clean when handling food. Of special importance is cleaning these with soap after handling raw meat and fish to avoid that bacteria can contaminate other foods.


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