Chill fish


Proper and steady cooling is the key to good quality, long shelf life and high value of seafood.

Chill fish is a website with practical information and coverage on cooling and handling of fish at all stages of the value chain from catch to market.

The information is mainly based on research which has been carried out under projects such as Chill-on (EU Integrated project), Chill add-on (Icelandic project) and Thermal modelling of chilling and transport of fish (Icelandic project) and also on regulations from The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority. Here you can see an overview on fish quality research regarding impact of fish handling, processing, storage and logistics on fish quality deterioration.

Care must be taken to handle fish properly at all stages during processing to ensure the highest quality and thus obtain the most possible valuable products.

The condition of the raw material is vital for the quality and utilisation of the fish. Factors which can affect the raw material quality are fishing season, fishing area, fishing gear, nutritional status and age of raw material, rigor mortis and handling before and after processing. Proper cooling during the whole value chain is a key factor in maintaining maximum quality as long as possible.


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